SlapKlatz 4-pack - Clear.


Drum gel dampeners lets you easily remove, control and handle unwanted ring and overtones from drums and cymbals, without sacrificing the tone or the playing feel.


Contains 2 medium and 2 large sized gels, in a small and pocket friendly container.

With the 4-pack you get the basic selection of gels you need, in order to control a standard 5-piece drum kit: Your snare, your two rack toms as well as your floor tom.


These SlapKlatz will work on both your batter and bottom heads. You can even use SlapKlatz on top of - or under - your cymbals.

SlapKlatz is also great for dampening different percussion instruments - like cowbells and timbales.


In the pack you get.
You get 2x medium (3 cm.) and 2x large (4 cm.) gel pads.